Dekori Šitum d.o.o. was founded from the Šitum dekor trade, due to the great interest and placement of goods on Croatian and foreign markets. Ten years’ work, and numerous references were a guarantee that emboldened us to establish the company Dekori Šitum d.o.o.

Today, Dekori Šitum d.o.o. are a family company that has been successfully running for more than 24 years. We provide the best quality solutions and complete service in the textile sector. We are able to meet all our client’s requirements with the most convenient cost, and with complete information.

Our main task is to equip hotels, and various other public, and private facilities with textiles, and other assortments. We have many years of experience which is upgrading every day, and we continually improve and educate ourselves. We have our own specialized manufacturing, wholesale and team of experts (cooperation with architects and designers) where we closely work on equipping and decorating of the buildings.

We are cooperating as direct importers of reproduction materials with the world’s largest renowned houses that produce curtains, decorations, damask, rails, rolls. Our long-running experience is being upgraded every day, and we continually improve and educate ourselves. We can proudly claim that every client that chooses our company becomes our long-standing client, and that with us you get the optimal price/quality ratio for your money. Our products are long lasting high quality products.